rules and FAQ



HILLOWEEN is an “honor system”, multi-location hill-climbing contest.

Those that don't wish to run all day can take a shot at the Mountain Tiger Mile.


-Plan a route that will get you lots of elevation gain on foot. Make sure the climbs are all 500' or more, because smaller climbs do not count.

-On the last Saturday of October, 10/26/19, go to this route.

-Start your watch, run your route. After 5 hours, stop your watch; this is the window of time where your results will come from.

-Compile the data from your run through some legit tracker, like Strava or Movescount.

-Return the Hilloween homepage and click on the Submissions page. This page is only live the weekend of the event, until 2AM PST on 10/27/19.


Mountain Tiger Mile Rules

Exactly the same as HILLOWEEN rules, except:

-The running clock is for 6 minutes and 66 seconds (7:06).

-The 200 foot rule does not apply in a tie. Every foot counts.



What if there is a tie?

Any runners finishing within 200’ of each other will be considered a tie. Ties will be broken in the following order.

             - The runner that finishes in less time wins.

                   -If time is the same, the runner who finished in shorter distance wins.

Do I have to use the whole 5 hours?

No, You can use as much or little of it as you like.

Are repeats allowed?

Hill repeats are boring but tend to be the most efficient.

Are poles allowed?


Are bikes allowed?


Are treadmills allowed?


Are chairlifts allowed?


Are any mechanized aids allowed?

 No, stop it.

Can I pause my watch and return to the workout later in the day?

 No. The five hours begin when you begin. No pauses.

Is averaging 6,000’+ of elevation change per hour for multiple hours possible?

 If you submit results suggesting that you can do this, expect to undergo a pretty high level of scrutiny from the event director and other participants. Be prepared to have lots of indisputable evidence. 

What if I don’t want to submit ________ info?

Then don’t. Only completed entries will count for prizes.

What are the age groups?

There will be prizes for gender and age group (under 40, under 55, under 100) winners.

How can I support this awesome free event?

Share with your friends, follow us on social, buy a shirt or something.